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Part 1 of 1 -| 84.0/ 100.0 Points|
Question 1 of 25| 0.0/ 4.0 Points|
Course extensions are available for which of the following reasons? | | |
| A. documented military deployment.| |
| |
| B. "too busy" with work and family commitments.| |
| |
| C. vacation.| |
| |
| D. all of the above.| |

Answer Key: A
Feedback: APUS Professors can provide course extensions for documented military deployment and military-related activities. Students are not eligible for course extensions for personal reasons such as being "too busy", going on vacation or non-military work issues. Courses start every month, so be sure you take classes that fit around your personal schedule. Equally, instructors are not permitted such extensions either!| Question 2 of 25| 4.0/ 4.0 Points|

The course professor is required to have student work graded | | |
| A. within 7 days of when the student turns in the assignment.| | | |
| B. within 5 days of the due date and time.| |
| |
| C. anytime before the end of the course.| |
| |
| D. within 48 hours of when the student turns in the assignment.| |

Answer Key: B
Feedback: Good job! It is APUS/AMU policy that all instructors must grade completed student work submitted for grading within 5 days of the DUE DATE AND TIME for that assignment. If you submitted your assignment by the due date, and do not see a grade after 5 days from the due date and time, check to be sure you have "submitted" the assignment for grading. If you have but the assignment is not graded, send a polite request to your instructor to complete grading.| Question 3 of 25| 4.0/ 4.0 Points|

All students are required to turn in assignments |
| |
| A. according to the assigned due date and time for that particular assignment.| | | |
| B. at their own pace.| |
| |
| C. any time before the last day of class.| |
| |
| D. always by Sunday nights at 11:59 PM.| |

Answer Key: A
Feedback: Good job! Assignments are typically due on Sunday nights however due dates and times may vary by assignment and class, so do not assume a Sunday night 11:59 PM due date in all classes. It's always a good idea to avoid procrastination, so try to budget time throughout the week to work on your courses. Each student is responsible for meeting due dates and times, and late work may be rejected or subject to deductions as per APUS policies.| Question 4 of 25| 4.0/ 4.0 Points|

Information on weekly assignments may be found in which location(s)? | | |
| A. The Syllabus| |
| |
| B. The Weekly "Lessons"| |
| |
| C. The "Assignments" and "Tests and Quizzes" links inside the APUS classroom| | | |
| D. Personal e-mails from the instructor telling the student what to do.| | | |
| E. Choices A, B, and C are correct.| |

Answer Key: E
Feedback: Good job! Be sure to read each week's "Lessons", become familiar with the "Course Outline" in the syllabus, and the items in "Assignments" and "Tests and Quizzes" in the classroom.| Question 5 of 25| 0.0/ 4.0 Points|

Instructors are required to reply to student emails within how many hours? | | |
| A. 24| |
| |
| B. 36| |
| |
| C. 48| |
| |
| D. 12| |

Answer Key: C
Feedback: It is University policy that instructors reply to student emails within 48 hours. If an instructor does not reply right away please await a response - your instructor is likely not online if you do not hear back immediately. Instructors, like students, also experience internet outages, have hospital emergencies and other unanticipated urgencies. If 48 hours (two full days) have passed, contact studentservices@apus.edu for assistance. Always be polite - the last thing you want is to send your instructor an angry e-mail just to find out they have been in an accident or are otherwise in unfortunate circumstances.| Question 6 of 25| 4.0/ 4.0...
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