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Question: In the film Christof says: “we accept the reality with which we are represented”. To what extent do you agree with him?

Truman Burbank, an accountant that lives in Seahaven, is the only real thing in his fake world. But is the world that he lives in really fake? Well it is fake but is Seahaven fake to Truman? Truman has accepted the reality of his world that which he lives in. Christof, the director of the Truman Show, believes that we should accept the reality with which we are represented. This statement is true.

Christof, the director of ‘The Truman show’, made an interesting quote in the film stating ‘we accept the reality with which we are represented’, this is 100% correct. The reality in which we are represented is the reality in which is real to the one who lives in it. Christof believes that Truman living in Seahaven is the same as any other man living in the real world. But that’s the thing isn’t it? Truman is living in the real world, because the real world to Truman is Seahaven. Truman was the reason the show was so popular, because he was the only thing real in his world, Christof even says ‘You’re the star. You were real. That’s what made you so good to watch.’ There was a close up of Truman when the two businessmen pushed him into the billboard to get the audience to see the advertisement, this illustrates that Truman has become to used to getting pushed around and control he hasn’t even realized he has been pushed and control to stand next to the billboard. Christof has cleverly made Truman think that Seahaven is the real world.

Seahaven may not be a real world but to Truman Burbank there is nothing that isn’t real about this Seahaven. Everything in the world of Seahaven is fake, but to Truman Burbank he has been brought up in Seahaven believing that this is the world that is real. Truman has been blinded and has failed to see that his life is not what it seems to be and he has “accepted the reality which he is...
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