English Persuasive Essay Group Projects

Topics: Collaboration, Thought, The Guardian Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: February 16, 2015
Usually, when a teacher announces a group project everyone groans. However, I think that have students work in groups is a very good idea that will be beneficial in many ways. Collaborating on a group project allows students to share different ideas and viewpoints, gives them experience with real-life situations, and offer an opportunity for everyone to participate and contribute. I believe all students should have a chance to work on things in groups because it has many benefits. One reason group projects are a good thing is because more students means more ideas. Like the saying, “two heads are better than one”, group projects allow people with different thoughts to share with each other. If a student has a special skill or knowledge, they can teach other students about it, and learn from their peers, too. When there is a problem that needs to be fixed, the classmates can brainstorm different solutions that one person might not have thought of on their own. A 2006 study at the Institution of Education at London University assembled over 4,000 students between the age of five and fourteen to work on group projects. They found that in groups, the amount of thoughtful discussion nearly doubled and the students were much more productive. This is true in many classrooms across the country, which is why group projects are useful for all students. Another benefit of having students work in group is that it prepares them for real-life experiences. When they are older and have a job, they will need to cooperate, communicate, and collaborate in everyday life. This will prepare them for working with others and being exposed to different opinions. Students also can learn to resolve petty arguments rather than running away from them. Working together additionally gives them the opportunity to tackle a variety of projects, some of which would be too big to work on by themselves. Group collaboration is also valuable because it gives everyone more of a chance to participate....

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