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Topics: Infant, Psychology, Childbirth Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: November 19, 2013
 Assignment 4

Name : Hafiz Muhammad Hamza
Roll Number : CS-1-13-026
Section : B
Subject : HU 104

“Nurturing plays an important role in developing a personality”

Nurturing plays an important role in developing our personality.We can define nurture as environmental factor to which a person is subjected from birth to death. Environmental factors involve many dimensions. They include both physical environments and social environments (such as the neighborhood, media and peer pressure.) Also, environmental factors have different levels of impact on human development as they involve multiple layers of action, ranging from the most immediate (families, friends, and neighborhoods) to bigger societal contexts (school systems and local governments) as well as macro factors such as politics on the international level or say global warming. These layers are also impacted by other factors outside them. Nurture is stronger than nature in early human development because the mind of a newborn infant is a 'blank slate'. What gets written on this slate is what the baby experiences.What he or she sees, hears, tastes, smells and feels. During they grown up, different infants will become different persons. Newborn infants educated in school and learn skills about living. They try to improve their knowledge and self-cultivation. There are many things depend on nurture, such as beliefs about right and wrong, emotions like fear, happiness, and sadness, taste in fashion, personality traits, some habits or addictions, the type of person someone marry, among other things. And acquired studies decide whether or not you will be successful. And a newborn infant is disability but not means he or she will fail in life, he or she could keep up studying and overcome difficult. A number of people did and achieved great success in life. So nurture strongly influences early human development. Nurture comes not only from the parents, but from what one...
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