English Short Story Final

Topics: Australia, 2008 singles, Friendship Pages: 3 (1389 words) Published: May 3, 2015
Betray by 'Friend'
Different culture effects relationships between people, especially when you just joined a new environment. Studying overseas is a very nice opportunity for students, but there are handicaps all the time. Issues are hard to solve, students try to join the new society, but people in the new society don't give chances at all. Sometimes, people in new environment give their chances to foreigners, however the ways are usually hard to understand. A poem by Ania Walwicz has shown the difference clearly, she is using limited English, but also showing big ideas and her feelings about Australia. It expressed the feelings of her being in Australia. It showed she was disappointed with Australia and her friend Doreen. She was frightened about what happened at that day. I just arrived Gympie. Feeling a bit hot over here, “I am looking forward to my new life here.” She said it quietly to herself. Walked on the streets and looked around, people looked kind and friendly in this place. I felt this is a good start. I kept walking to found out where my home-stay is. Surprisingly it was a small house, I thought it will be an apartment,it had a great spot, not far away from town. I knocked on the door, a kind young man came out, “Is it Ania?” He asked with a lovely smile on his face. “Welcome to Australia.” She was surprised, she thought it will be a challenge to talk to the people at home-stay before, but it seemed alright. “Come in, this is your first time over here?” He looked at me, he knew I am not good at English, so he tried to say the words clearly and slowly. “I good, happy now.” I said to him and thought he should be an easy-going person. I was so nervous about the home-stay, I had many thoughts before I came here. What if they don't accept me or they don't like me in the home-stay... We both sat on the couches. He asked me a lot about home and how things going. He told me a lot about the town and Australia. He told me his name is Nick...
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