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I have learned that students in PILOT sections are having big difference from other sections because the can speak well and they do not hesitate to express well their ideas and thoughts. Teacher show their willingness that they are always ready to asses the students at all times. Students also are showing their eagerness to study and strive hard to survive from all the circumstances that they face everyday.

I was surprised that when I first visited the advisory classroom of ma Cooperating Teacher (CT) namely Mrs. Maria Gemma Durano, the students welcome me after they greet their teacher and I felt so surprised during that time because it was new for me that the students welcoming me in that way. For me, it was a sign of showing respect as a Pre-Service Teacher. The students of DiCNHS don’t have the same uniform that they wear everyday and that was new to me because in our school where I was studying in my secondary years we are all wearing the same uniform in a day. This different uniform that the students wear everyday is according to what are the position they have in their school. There are also students wearing t-shirts only and some students are also wearing their SSWAT uniform. I was also surprised when I knew that the DiCNHS has many enrollees every year and they have atleast Four Thousand (4000) students as of now. The Class are divided into two which are the first shifter and the second shifter due to insufficient facilities that the school have. And the very thing that touches my heart is when I saw while I was roaming around that the students are sitting on the floor of their classroom because they don’t have the chair where to sit in.

I was pleased that the DiCNHS offers many program according to the standard level of the students. Students who have the potential talent in arts namely...
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