Establishment and Functioning of Two Model Anganwadis with Community Support: an Unique Experimental Development

Topics: Childhood, Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology Pages: 7 (2056 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Establishment and Functioning of Two Model Anganwadis with Community Support: An Unique Experimental Development Mrs.Anshu Shukla* and Dr. Abha Ahuja**
*Assitant Professor,Department of Home Science,VKM,BHU, Varanasi ** Professor and Head of Department, Department Of HDFS, College of Home Science, GBPUAT,Pantnagar

The young child holds an important place today in the society. His physical and psychological well being is of unprecedented parental and community concern. The prediction made some eight decades before that this century would be the century of the child seems more than a wish. Today the progress and prosperity of a nation are intimately related to the optimum growth and development of its children. Research studies and investigations conducted in the field of child development have shown that the early years are the most crucial for the growth and development of children and that the environment exercises its maximum effect during period of early childhood. The provision of pre primary education would ensure a favourable environment conducive to the development of the preschool children. Over the years, the child psychologists have also proved that there is continuity between infancy, early childhood and late childhood. During past few decades there has been an accumulation of scientific evidences that has strengthened the conviction that the first few years in the child’s life are crucial time for learning. Increasing attention has been drawn to cognitive development in infancy, early childhood and to the role of early stimulation in intellectual development. Keeping these facts in mind, the government of India envisaged an ICDS Scheme, which would emphasize on total development of the child. The scheme was launched on October 2nd 1975 on an experimental basis in 33 projects- 17 rural, 12 tribal and four urban with a budget provision of three crores. It has now been expanded to ......... projects all over India. Today the ICDS scheme is an important national programme for the welfare of women and children through these packages of services. 1.Non formal preschool education

2.Health checkups
4.Supplementary nutrition
5.Medical referral services
6.Nutrition and health education
These services are provided to the community through the anganwadi, located with the village/ slum itself. Each anganwadi is run by an anganwadi worker and a helper. Non formal preschool education component of ICDS not only imparts formal learning but will also develop in the child desirable attitude, values and behaviour patterns and aims at providing environmental stimulation. There are around 130 million preschool children who need development services. It is neither possible nor desirable for the government to take full responsibility of looking after the growth and development of such a large child population. India needs large resources to provide optimum services to preschool children which government alone cannot possibly mobilize. Even, if the government initiates programmes of child development and establishes anganwadis, it cannot continue to spend its limited resources on these services endlessly. Ultimately the responsibility has to be taken by the community itself. Along with it, this is also true that if you “Give Man a Fish, He will Eat for a Day, so Teach Him to Fish He will Eat Lifelong” . Thus there is a strong need of community participation in ICDS scheme. The parents and the community are also responsible for growth and development of the young children. Therefore child development should be the responsibility of local people. But researches have shown that at present in the ICDS set up community involvement is in terms of recipient of services only. OBJECTIVES:

Therefore in view of the lack of people’s participation and the importance of Non formal preschool children, the present investigation was proposed with the following objectives: 1.To select functional and...
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