Eth/316 the Responsibility Project

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The Responsibility Project
Iris C.
July 30, 2012
Penny E. Hylton, PhD, MBA

The Responsibility Project
The lack of responsibility in collegiate athletics has become a common practice and very little is being done about it. As the sport continues to grow there is a need to remain concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility in sports.

With the rising interest in collegiate athletics, there is a need to further investigate the constructs of social responsibility and social accountability, especially considering the controversy surrounding the concept of amateurism in college sports. College sports usually have to balance between amateurism, education and commercialism. Amateurism is essential to collegiate athletics and rest on two pillars – the athletes are unpaid and they also are not professionals in training (Sports Science, 2011).

After watching the film on college sports I realized that many college athletes are taken advantage of. The film focus on a very diverse group of five different individuals in the sports world. There was a round table discussion with a former NFL Player, a columnist with ESPN New York, columnist with New York Times, Athletic Director of Princeton University, and an NBA Agent.

The question among some the panel members were whether being a college athletic builds character or if it attracts character. One panelist also believes giving a college athletic a full scholarship is great, but the demand placed on them at the expense of getting an education is distressing. It almost seems as though the athletics are given these scholarships unethically because the universities are using this as their personal gain rather than for the benefit of the athletic.

Another panelist stated that often times the athletics are removed from the academic environment of the university and placed in dorms with only athletics. They sleep with other athletics, eat with other athletics, and attend classes with other athletics,...

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