Exceptional Parents Unlimited

Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Human development Pages: 3 (662 words) Published: August 25, 2010
4440 North First Street Fresno, California 93726
(559) 229-2000 Fax: (559) 229-2956
OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30am-5:00pmContacts: Jill Harkness-Intake/Transition Coordinator Jessica Conzen-Early Intervention Specialist The Mission of EPU:
EPU's mission is to strengthen and empower children and families facing extraordinary medical, developmental, and parenting challenges. We do this by:
Promoting development of infants/children w/special medical, developmental or emotional needs Supporting & assisting parents in the understanding, knowledge and skills needed to help themselves & their children experience success at home and in the community Supporting development of parent-child relationships for social/emotional development Strengthening the relationships between parents and professionals Collaborating w/other agencies to support the creation of inclusive, family centered services that are responsive and welcoming to all children and parents. OUR VISION:

Our vision is that children grow up in families in which their individual needs are met; their parents have confidence in themselves and their ability to meet the needs of all family members and have a sense of comfort with their personal situations that brings forth an internal sense of empowerment. Family Resource Center program:

Parent to Parent Support Groups-concerns about the development of their children Teen /Young Adult Groups-w/disabilities hang out, meet friends & learn new skills Hospital Support-provides info for parents who have had a child with a disability Advocacy -for parents to help w/educational, social, or medical needs for their child Workshops/Trainings-understanding Individual Educational Plans & ADD/ADHD Family Resource Center Library-computers and books to provide information Community Outreach-for families to share stories w/professionals & student groups The Assessment Center For Children:

The Assessment...
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