: Exercise Influence over Other People

Topics: Critical thinking, Barbra Streisand, Psychology Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Essay #8: Exercise Influence Over Other People
“Influence”plays a very important part in the daily life, it exists everywhere. Like, manager must influence their workforces, the government must influence the society condition, and the teachers’ teaching style must influence students’ grade. Whatever you are in the organization, it is necessary to consider how to influence others. In this essay, I will talk about how able to exercise influence over other people in formal or informal settings.

In formal settings, one of the best ways to influence over other people is having a smart and logical brain. In Twelve Angry Men, take the architect as an example, he is the only person who thinks the boy is not guilty initially and the rest of eleven men think the boy is guilty. He tries to analyse every details in this case, and gives the enough evidences to prove why he think the boy is not guilty. Finally, he makes the people believe him and persuades people think the boy is not guilty. Through this process, it is easy to see that the architect has a very strong logical power brain, he analyses every details step by step and give a very clear explanation. He makes people no reason to not believe him.

In informal settings, I think keeping a flinty attitude is a way to influence over other people. In this movie, the “Angry Father” is the last person who changes his mind from guilty to not guilty. Whatever the architect says and how strong the evidences show, the “Angry Father” still believe he is right and the boy is guilty. He argument is full of anger, he always persuades people with high voice and toughly tone even he don’t respect others some times. But you have to admitting, he indeed influences people and get more attentions at the beginning. I think this speaking style is a kind of way to influence people as well. Besides these two way, there are another way can influence over others, it is showing something which other people is very care about. Generally,...
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