Expansion and Diversification Within a Business

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Bus Pages: 5 (1983 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Opportunities for expansion and diversification
Diversification is a form of corporate strategy for a company. It seeks to increase profitability through greater sales volume obtained from new products and new markets. A business strategy in which expansion is obtained by increasing the number of products in which customers can purchase from a company's store/under the company’s name. Fred Greer was able to mention how the Wrightbus Company expand within the bus manufacturing sector, this is carried out as employees continue to carry out production of the highest standard and ensure their products are of the highest quality. As Wrightbus had so much work and business deals to carry out for customers all around the globe, they had to expand their workforce. This consisted of recruiting more reliable and hardworking employees to carry out this work to their highest standard for Wrightbus and maintain a respectable corporate image. Fred Greer works in partnership with the Wrightbus Company to only employ skillful employees who would aim to work to their fullest potential. By Fred employing these new workers, he is partaking in the expansion of the Wrightbus Company and helping the business move forward to meet their aims of becoming the best bus manufactures in the UK, Europe and the world. The Wrightbus Company currently employee 1400 people throughout the entire business, this allows for Wrightbus to have a larger team to carry work out at the highest standard and to get it done on time which shows to customers that Wrightbus are reliable and can provide the best services and products within the specific market. As Fred helps to ensure all these employees are skilled in their specific area of work within the Wrightbus Company, this therefore shows how Fred is continuing to be enterprising as he is guaranteeing employees carry out production efficiently and correctly. With Fred Greer being the learning and development manager, it is his duty to ensure that no employees are slacking skills which are necessary to perform their job to ensure Wrightbus is efficiently working steadily to meet the demands of every individual customer. Therefore I believe Fred Greer is an enterprising manager as he aims to maintain the best corporate image for Wrightbus through pleasing every customers who cooperates with Wrightbus. Fred Greer is able to explain how Wrightbus expand throughout the business which in turn leads to the company expanding throughout the world. This is carried out by having 5 different divisions within the Wright Group. This therefore is ensuring that buses are made to the best possible standard and customers are satisfied by the products, in which they are receiving. By having these 5 separate divisions within the Wrightbus facility ensures that each part of manufacture can be checked at the division before they all come together for the final product, this therefore allows for Fred and Wrightbus to ensure that all products are correct and no errors will occur in the final product which will be sent on to the customer. By ensuring no faults are occurring within the Wrightbus products will allow for their rapport to build with each customer and the corporate image of the Wrightbus Company will also increase. This proves how Wrightbus are enterprising and want the best for their customers. By using this method of production, I can see that Fred and Wrightbus are only wanting to manufacture the best vehicles which in turn helps them reach their goal of becoming the best bus manufactures in the UK, Europe and the world. Fred Greer was able to tell us within the questionnaire how Wrightbus began and was located in a garden shed behind William Wrights house. When researching on Wrightbus and how it began, a newspaper article stated “in 1946, when a skilled joiner Bob Wright was asked by the manager of the Ballymena and Harryville Co-op could he build a wooden body for a bread van?  The answer was ‘yes’ and the...
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