Experience History Vol.2 Ch.23 Notes

Topics: United States, Spanish–American War, Philippines Pages: 4 (620 words) Published: April 1, 2013
1890 – 1900
Great Britain, Germany, Russia

U.S Foreign investments rise from 1869 – 1908
More global trade 1870 – 1914

Alfred Mahan argues that a very powerful navy sets apart a great country (coaling stations around the world)

Social Darwinism -
Rudyard Kipling argues that it's the burden of white men to take care of his little brown brothers.

Beginning of 1900 U.S sent missionaries around the world to make sure they become Christian, educated & civilized

Frederick Jackson Turner 1893 argued that America is different because America has a frontier & as they landed, they realized the European ways didn't work very well & that they had to adapt to this new frontier & as they moved further west, they continued to adapt the frontier until the frontier began to adapt to us Americans are different because we constantly need a new frontier (a new challenge)

Commodore Matthew Perry encouraged Japan to open trade with them 1853 Treaty of Kanagawa – 1854

Gentleman's Agreement – 1908
in 1883, U.S creates a Chinese exclusion act, that also includes Japan but creates a Gentleman's Agreement that continues to bring in the Japanese

Senator Henry Cabot Lodge,
Non-European countries like Japan, would not be allowed to own territory in the Americas.

Folly buys Alaska for $7.2 million
'Seward's Folly' Thinking why do we want Alaska?

Hawaii – Deal with Dane to purchase Hawaii
1880s – Hawaii becomes one of U.S's protectetes
Queen Lili isn't so thrilled with being Americanized
Sanford Dole proclaims the Republic of Hawaii in 1894

Spanish has control over Cuba, but got reports that the Spanish were abusing Cuban natives so they tried to make them stop by taking over Cuba Pulitzer & Hearst encourage Americans to go into the war Spanish minister sends the De Lome Letter offending McKinley Roosevelt wants a war with Spain (assistant secretary)

He resigns his post as soon as he does it & creates a privately owned...
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