Explain How Disability May Effect Development

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Bridgette Spiteri
SH400800/CC Assignment One Unit 1

Task 1.1

Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development, from birth-19 years.

From babyhood to school time

From birth to childhood , the child discovers the whole experience of life throughout their growth, the small child starts to become regimented into the learning system and starts to explore while they go along through their childhood stages .

Curiosity makes their intellegance grow as they discover more and more through life , all children and young people follow the same ways of development, but no child is the same all children are different from one another, either some pick up information very quick some children take a bit more time to pick up.

In general development progresses from head to toe- Beginning at the top and moving downwards.

• From inner to outer ; firstly gaining control of muscules close to the head and then moving outwards so the large muscules in the shoulders and upper arms/thighs are first and the extremities last.

• From simple to complex; children make progress from forming a word to completing a sentence like daddy, (dada) then completing like( im here )I want that etc…

From general to specific emotional responses involve the whole body in young babies but may involve only the face in an older child.

The types of development are: Physical development, Intellectual development, language development and milestones.

Physical Development :

Includes movement skills like playing games hide and seek, hop scotch, ball games, fine motor skills supervised eye hand co ordination baking, woodworks, crafts/art drawing learning to use their own imagination creating things while creating amazing things out of materials like cardboard, sticks and all colourful material they could come up...
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