Explore Some Aspects of the Ways Your Speech Changes According to the Context You Are in.

Topics: Slang, Dialect, English language Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Explore some aspects of the ways your speech changes according to the context you are in.

Recently it has become clear to me that I have not been using my speech in a particularly high register, this shows me that maybe I am not using my speech in a good enough way. I have found that my idiolect varies when I am in different situations this may be due to the company that I am in. you tend to hear a change within my speech especially when in a sociolect group of friends, when I listened to a recording of my conversation in a sociolect group, I found it very hard to make into a transcript. I tended to use a lot of fillers to provide thinking time or to invite someone else to join in the discussion, I think the generally words I find I use re ones such as ‘um’ or ‘er’. I suppose that I use these fillers or short pauses to take up and empty space within a conversation.

I think my speech is influenced by three main factors;
The media; in today’s mean we see television is not only for entertainment, we are being taught many new phrases from the speech used on different programmes. Many televisions shows come from all around our country where we have people with different accents, although we are all speaking English, our accent makes the same word sound very unique. We also see new phrases from television reality shows how new words such as ‘reem’ have been picked up from different areas in the country. The example ‘reem’ is a very good one; it comes the reality show ‘The only way is Essex’ new words such as this are being a great influence on the English language now that they are being picked up by a majority of viewers across the country. My speech is also influenced by my sociolect around my friendship group, I tend to use a low register with my closer friends because I feel more combatable and at ease when have conversations with them. Whereas are my grandparent for instants I find that I use a very high register; this is probably due to the fact that...
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