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Teenage is the most vital and delicate stage of human life. During teenage years, youngsters try to follow new fashion, culture and style which is being presented in different programs and advertisements on television. But TV which was once a source of entertainment and education, has now become and addiction. The educational content is sorely missing form TV programs today. Programs like Animal Planet and National Geographic have literally disappeared! Outdoor activities and children’s studies have all taken a backseat to TV shows. We have no time for ourselves as well as others. We plan our work schedules and outings keeping in view our favorite TV shows. The reading habit has virtually disappeared from the lives of school going children. Flickering images have become our window to the world of entertainment today. We are paying a heavy price for this idiot box. Most of the time the serials are meaningless and exaggerated, and in the name of comedy improper scenes are shown. Drug peddlers, drinking, violence, terrorists etc. are the main topics for most programs. Many of you might say that there are good effects of TV serials too; however there are more of bad effects than good effects. In my opinion we are losing our culture and identity, one drama at a time. Television has changed human life, both positively and negatively. In the end the decision rests upon us. If we consider this decision well, it will change our life, because you are the books you read, the people you meet, the conversations you engage in and the TV programs you watch. Thank You.
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