Factors Affecting Gender and Development in the Gambia.

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Transgender Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Gender is about both women and men, their socially defined roles, responsibilities, and the power and other relations between them. Like race, ethnicity, and class, being male or female shapes individuals’ opportunities to participate in the economy and society. Looking at gender in the sustainable development sectors means assessing males’ and females’ different needs for and uses of the infrastructure, services and other benefits of each sector, as well as the different barriers to their access, mobility, and economic opportunities. This type of information provides the basis for selecting, designing, and implementing interventions that address needs and constraints and provide benefits to both women and men. Gender roles demarcate responsibilities between men and women in social and economic activities, access to resources and decision-making authority. Gender in development is comprehensive and offers a holistic approach to realistic development of men and women in society. Gender in development puts a human face to the development challenge in all aspects of life by addressing men and women's issues and concerns in education, health, agriculture, industry, management, business, politics, legal systems, employment, environment, population, migration among other issues. Some of the major factors that play a role in gender and development may be discussed under the headings: religion, socio-cultural and political. Gender-based difference are influenced by the following such that it actively slows development Religion and pseudo religion: The two major religions in the Gambia are Islam and Christianity. Both of there have patriarchal outlook. On mundane issues however, both religion in their pristine forms, regard men and women equal in the eye of God. For centuries religion has been abused, misinterpreted and putting women at the brink of societies as a result. For example Muslim men will do all to...
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