Family Structure

Topics: Adolescence, Developmental psychology, Human development Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: September 11, 2013
All children deserve a loving, safe, permanent, and nurturing environment. In the U.S. today many children do not have the family structure of two parents. Family structure is something that is built; it is the frame work and foundation of a child’s beginning; its interrelated parts that work together as a whole that makes the child develop. If parts are missing they cannot function properly or develop properly. The nurturing a child receives determines the adult they will become. Penn State or The State Penn? The reality that we are facing today is our children are the ones that suffer most from the breakdown in economy, divorce, teenage pregnancy, single parents etc. From birth children learn through conditioning whether it be classical or operant. What type of conditioning are we giving our children in the U.S.? I’d say very poor conditioning! What effects is the village having on the development of our children? What’s going on with our village here in the U.S.? The Children’s Defense Fund (CFC) reported on the family structure here in the U.S. or should I say the lack of structure; below is a chart that details their findings as it relates to Black children and all other races. From the data presented below you can see that the Black children are in a world of hurt. They are damned from the beginning. Yes our children – it takes a village to raise a child. Fewer than 40% of Black children live with two parents; among White and Hispanics, Black children are twice as likely to live with neither parent and are 5% likely to with other relatives or non-relatives; more than 60% of Black and American Indian children are born out of wedlock; and 48% of Black teen girls get pregnant before the age of 20 at least once (The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, 2012). Interesting fact not listed below - in 2005 there were 123 Black teen pregnancy of that 117 were from the state of Indiana, my hometown.

Living Arrangements of Children...

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