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Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Learning Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: June 27, 2011
From birth on children have developmental milestones to reach. These are just a guide, but it does help parents and caregivers know what to practice with the children. Throughout early childhood you will notice children changing physically, mentally and emotionally. Growth and skills will change rapidly.

As I continue work and education, I have realized that I would like to be a licensed lead teacher in a child care center. One day I would like to open a center of my own, preferably in my home. I have worked with children that have special needs and would like to further my knowledge of that. I enjoy all ages but really enjoy young toddlers. It is so rewarding to see the smile on their face when they learn something new. I enjoy learning about the developmental stages, skills and abilities of children.

Children need to be given the opportunity to experience different activities and use a variety of toys that are geared to developing specific skills. Children build most of their knowledge through hands on activities. Coloring and using safety scissors is an example to increase fine motor skills. Giving the opportunity of different activities will help children reach their milestones.

Starting with physical development, you will notice changes of bone thickness, muscles, height, weight, vision, and hearing. The brain is also developing. Connections between the different parts are critical to development. Throughout early childhood development children are gaining knew knowledge including language, thought, reasoning and how to identify colors.

We have learned that certain characteristics are typical of certain ages, but these are only guides and not set rules. Each child grows in his own way. One child may progress "slower" than another and still he is perfectly healthy and within the range of developmental appropriateness for his age.
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