Field Study Episode 3

Topics: Education, Classroom management, Developmental psychology Pages: 50 (9392 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Episode 3


Name of FS Student: Shiena Mae T. Openia

Course: BEEDYear and Section: III

Resource Teacher: Mrs. Perlita Celocia

Cooperating School: Bato Primary School

Your Target

At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in managing time, space and resources to provide an environment which is appropriate to the learners and conducive to learning.

Your Map

To reach your target, do the following tasks:

Your Tools

1. As you observed the class, look into the characteristics of the learners. Note their ages.

- As I observed the class are noisy but they are very active in different activities in the class. There are learners also are so frisky because even though class hours, they roam around. Their ages ranges from 7-9.

2. How many boys are there? How many girls?

- In Grade I there are three boys and nine girls while in Grade II there are five boys and six girls.

3. Focus in their behavior. Are they already able to manage their own behavior?

- No, because they are still young in their age. They need more assistance to guide them. Their behavior can be easily affected even by little things in their environment.

4. Can the learners already work independently?

- Not all can already work independently. But there are other learners can work with their own.

5. Describe their span of attention.

- The span of their attention is not yet fully developed in the sense that sometimes if their teacher is discussing, some of them are talking to their seatmates and because of this they get low scores during exam.

6. Look into their listening skills and ability to concentrate.

- The listening skills of the pupils are good. However, they are easily destructed by their seatmates.


1. Are there areas in the classroom for specific purposes (storage of teaching aids, books, students belongings, supplies, etc.)

- Yes, there are areas in the classroom storage of teaching aids, books supplies, and student’s belongings and even for the teacher.

2. Are there rules and procedures posted in the room?

- Yes, there are rules and procedures posted inside the classroom that the pupils should be followed.

3. Did the students participate in making the classroom rules?

- Yes, the pupils participated in making the classroom rules. They acted in accordance to the rules implemented by the teacher. They actively participated in a precise task given by their teacher.

4. What are the daily routines done by the teacher? (Prayer, attendance, assignment of monitors, warm-up activities, etc.) How they are done?

- All of them together with their teacher lead the prayer. After praying, she conducts a review in order to test the memory of the learners. Sense we observed in the afternoon the teacher did check the attendance she did it during morning. All the daily routines are done well and tidy.

5. Is there a setting arrangement? What is the basis of this arrangement?

- Yes, there is a setting arrangement in the class based on my observation.

6. Observe the noise level in the classroom. How is this managed?

- The teacher found it hard to manage the noisiness of her pupils. But sometimes they are not restless when their teacher is mad.

7. If a learner is not following instructions or is off- task, what does the teacher do? ( behavior strategies)

- If a learner is not following the instructions or is off- task. The teacher again states the instructions. If the pupil cannot really understand the instruction, the teacher should have talks with her pupil. A quiet serious talk with the pupils, in which the teacher asks well- directed questions that prime the pupil to discover...
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