Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Child Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: December 14, 2014
Babies begin to develop and learn while in their mother’s womb, and the last three months of Pre-Birth are crucial for their development. When they are born they can recognize familiar sounds and have developed some taste buds. The brain continues to grow until the age of three, this is when the hard-wiring in the brain is almost complete. Babies develop better when they have the best learning experiences from an early age, this is important as it helps their brain to develop, and shape them into the people they will become later in life. The environment a child is exposed to, and other factors before birth and in the very early years, will have a massive impact on how they develop holistically. Every baby has the right to a positive start in life through respectful relationships, by showing responsive care; they can be nurtured to develop a capacity for love, empathy, respect, resilience, positive relationships and the chance to succeed. Prevention and early intervention is vital in providing social and emotional support to break cycles of underachievement, and multidisciplinary collaboration and culturally sensitive interventions can result in better participation of both parents and children in crucial early childhood transitions. The curriculum is made up of the learning and teaching approaches, aims and objectives, observations, assessments and evaluation content, all the different opportunities, activities and experiences that is offered which help a child to develop in their learning. Babies are born with an instinct to play and learn naturally because of their curiosity and the people who actively engage with them to make sense of the world around them. GIRFEC supports children in their learning by placing the child at the heart of all that affects them and their wellbeing. This legislation is the bedrock of all children’s learning. The Children’s (Scotland) Act 1995 sets out the principles to ensure every child’s...

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