Finding an Affordable Childcare Program

Topics: Developmental psychology, Motor control, Childhood Pages: 4 (1111 words) Published: May 8, 2013
ECE 205 Introduction to Child Development
Sharon L Johnson
Katherine Palichuk
March 8, 2013

School Searching

Hello Kim,
I would like to help you find a quality, affordable childcare program that would ease your concern with your son development with vocabulary, social, and motor skills.  In this letter, I plan to address, three things you should look for in a childcare environment that supports your son's development, three factors that could contribute to atypical development at this age, and give my assessment of whether or not the child may exhibit a developmental delay and to note signs of a possible developmental delay, bearing in mind that teachers themselves cannot diagnose disabilities).  While sharing my opinion about whether the preschool in the video is necessary to ensure her child’s academic success and healthy development.  Providing pleasurable environment is the key to success in a child development. When searching for a satisfying, affordable child care center you should do your homework and find a place that can offer your son a quality child care center that has the capability of promoting trust, autonomy, and a true sense of happiness and well-being in your child development.  One that offers a formal, structured environmental atmosphere, a quality environment that is a well-planned and warm atmosphere that invites children to learn and grow. One that will help your son to learn  his best in an environment that can build on you son unique needs and strengths, and is designed to fully develop his cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically needs in a manner that is age suitable for his developmental stage.  When choosing a center for your son you should look at their activities that are planned by the caregivers that should include a developmentally applicable material that allows for imaginative play. Phillips, McCartney and Scarr (1987)...

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