First Day in University

Topics: Psychology, Time, Erich Segal Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: July 26, 2012
My first day of college
In my first day of college I was excited, and at the same time I was a little nervous too. The day before I packed all my necessary materials for the next day. That night I could not sleep thinking how my day was going to be. I felt nervous because I did not know any person or what to expect from my professors. To my surprise the morning came fast. That morning I woke up early to arrive at college on time. I arrived at eight o’clock at the Universidad del Turabo. After that, I began to walk to the classroom. Meanwhile, I was walking I found some of my friend from the past semester. We began to talk about how we spent our christmas vacations. Then, I looked to the clock. It was almost the time to go to the classroom. I arrived to the classroom on time to beging class. When we began the class, nobody was talking, it was a total silence. We introduce ourselves after the teacher started the class. Then, the professor began to explain what we need to approve the course. The professor was very clearly and, I could understand everything that he said. It was interesting and the time passed fast and the end of the class arrived. My first day of college was not so bad. . Finally, I think that is normal to feel nervous the first day of college, because we did not know nobody or what to expect. Experiences like this can help us to develop ourselves thru our lives.
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