Flying Grover Toy Project

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Flying Grover 2.0 Toy Description Project

The toy that I selected is called the Flying Super Grover 2.0. This figure is for children between the ages of 2-5. Grover is a furry Muppet character from the famous PBS program “Sesame Street”. He is a battery operated blue plush doll made out of 100% faux fur, weighing 1.8 lbs and 16.1 x 7.8 x 5.0 inches in height (Toys R us, 2012). He is dressed in the costume of a super hero and comes to your rescue any time there is any sign of danger. Grover enhances fine motor skills as well as some cognitive development. His main features are to fly and sing theme songs. He also says small phrases, makes sound effects and moves his hands and arms in the same direction that he is flying (Walmart, 2012). Physical/Motor Development

A. During preschool years children may learn how to successfully use their hands in physical activities. They learn how to push riding toys, catch and throw with the upper body at ages 2-3 (Berk, 2012). Children also begin galloping, skipping and walking up and down stairs between ages 3-5. As they get older at ages 4 and 5, there is also an increase of flexibility, body rotation. B. I believe this toy is appropriate for the age range that is recommended. Grover requires a child to be able to sit upright and steadily hold their head during 6 weeks of infancy. They should be able to lift themselves up at 2 months and grasp and reach the toy between 2- 3 months. Flying Grover may also bring on some integration skills such as: running,

McNeil 2
jumping and throwing which evolves between 2-3years of age (Berk, 2012). The child does not necessarily need these skills to effectively play with the toy, but can encourage these milestones. Perceptual Development

Even though preschoolers may have gained most of their perceptual development skills during infancy, the child’s brain is continuously growing and maturing. In order to successfully play, enjoy, and gain knowledge from flying Grover, there are some milestones that the child has to obtain first. A. Perception of sound is a milestone that develops during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy within the mother’s womb. During this time, the child also develops a voice preference which is the voice of their mother. Between 1-6 months, the child should be able to start determining location of sounds and organizing them into phrases and musicals. They can detect familiar wording sequences, and screen out other sounds that they are not familiar with between 7-12 months. (Berk, 2012). Although perception of sight is the last to develop, it is a very important milestone. Again, during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, the child is able to see light as it hits the mother’s belly. Children at birth tend to have very blurry vision but will improve throughout infant development. Infants do have very good visual focusing abilities between 2-3 months and can recognize more detail at age 6 months (Berk, 2012). Color perception appears gradually around 4 months of age. It begins with red, and then develops to orange, green and yellow, and lastly blue. The Child receives close to 20/20 vision around 6-9 months. Touch starts during the embryonic stage at 7-8 weeks. After conception touch is first specific to the mouth, palm of hand, soles of their feet and then to the rest of their body at 13-14 weeks. Infants start to McNeil 3

recognize objects and shapes by placing them in the palm of their hands around 7- 8 weeks (Berk, 2012). As they get older around 6 months, the infant uses touch to explore their world by examining an object and feeling its texture with fingers (Berk, 2012). B. I feel like flying Grover is appropriate for the recommended age range because all the perceptual skills that is needed to play with this toy develops in the beginning of infancy, but skills gets better with practice. Grover has the sound features including singing theme songs and communicating small...

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