Food Addiction

Topics: Addiction, Nutrition, Obesity Pages: 4 (1562 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Everybody in this world needs to eat; it is what fuels us. There are people who eat to get the proper intake of nutrition, while there are others who take advantage of food. Those people are over eating, which is known for food addiction. There isn't an exact age for this issue, so food addiction can happen to anyone. The effect from food addiction can damage a person health, therefore, people need to change their diets and become healthier.

Food addiction is known as "an unhealthy relationship, or 'dis-ease,' with food that a person is unable to stop of control dispute the immense pain, suffering and overall harm it is causing."(Solliday-McRoy) People who are addicting to food can't help themselves from eating. Some of the foods that people get addicted to are foods that are palatable. Palatable food are rich in Sugars, Fats, and Salt. In an article in WebMD, it states, "like addictive drugs, highly palatable food trigger feel-good brain chemicals, like dopamine."(Nazario) This is showing that these types of food are being referred to drugs. Once a person becomes addicted to something it is hard to quite, even if its food.

There are three main stages for this issue. The first one is called Early Stage. In this stage "there is moderate, often infrequent loss of control. This could express itself in occasional food binges, a slight increase in volume of food eaten, or snaking more frequently."(Werdell) This stage can look like the person is eating normally, so it would be hard to see if someone is a food addict at this point. Even though it's hard to see this stage, the person can easily stop this stage from progressing. The next one is called the Middle Stage. In this stage the addicts "will have gained unwanted weight, dieted, and then regained the weight…many find themselves hoarding particular foods, taking others' food, stealing money to buy food, or outright lying about food-not their normal behavior."(Werdell) The addicts are starting to do things with...
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