Food and Beverage

Topics: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget, English language Pages: 9 (2473 words) Published: May 10, 2013

Collection of work structure

Child Development

FETAC Level 6 D3005

Student: Elizabeth Costa

Tutor: Margaret Murphy

Child Observation

I will conduct a Holistic observation on a male child aged 4. I will observe and assess him on his developmental stages.

This observation is to assess the child’s performance in school throughout the day. The observation will be conducted using Jean Piaget’s theories of the 5 developmental stages, of a child.

Planning and Scheduling of the observation
The T.C child is aged 4, he is in the Montessori class, from 9am to 12pm and stays in the playroom in the afternoons until 5pm when his mother picks him up. The Observation will take place in the Montessori room and playroom. There will be 2 Montessori teachers present and myself. I do my work experience in the setting three times a week and I can do an observation in any of the days I am present.

Background of the setting
The Play school where the observation will be conducted. Is situated on in an estate, in Gorey town. It caters for16-24 children at any one time. They have five (5) play school carers, one (1) office manager, 2 work experience helpers, that are in the mornings 2-3 times a week. The play school has registered 16 pre-school children ranging from the ages of 2 to 4 years old, 8 babies 9-13months.

Design of the Play-school building

Specified Range of Developmental Areas and Ages
The child is 4years old. I shall be using the 5 stages of development which are organised in four domains :

Developmental Stages| | |
Physical Development,| Gross and Fine-motor Skills, | PHY| Cognitive Development,| Problem Solving, memory, Concentration, Creativity skills| COG| Cognitive & imagination| Imagination| I & C|

Cognitive and Language | | C & L| Social and Emotional Development. | S & E| |

Elizabeth Costa Detailed and Impartial Observation Name: | T.C Male aged 4 Observation done Elizabeth Costa Date: 11/09/12 Time started: 09:30am Time ended: 11:30am Title: Holistic Child observation Focusing on the 5 stages of development based on Piagets’ studies.| | PHY 1.| Uses coordinated small-muscle movements| Holds pencil pincher grip| PHY 2.| Uses coordinated large-muscle movements| Climbs on and off chairs| PHY 3.| Cares for self independently| Goes to the toilet and washes hands by himself.| COG 1.| Uses a variety of strategiesto solve problems| Wanted a red colour pencil, but the tip was broken, and he took a sharpener and tried to sharpen the pencil| COG 2.| Sorts Objects| Knows his puzzles pieces,and has the concept ofwhere they fit| COG 3.| Recognizes and make patterns| When drawing knowswhere the head and arms go| COG 4.| Relates number to letter| Knows the no.1 to word one| COG 5.| Displays Knowledge of books and prints| Recognized some story books knows some alphabet letters| COG 6.| Shows understanding of stories| When a story was read to him he knew what came next| COG 7.| Uses writing to convey meaning| He drew a picture and wrote his name, by copying the teacher| C&L 8.| Recognizes similar sounds in speech| When I played sounds withhim he could answer thesimilar sounding wordeg: Bat, mat| C&L 9.| Understands and participates in| While playing he and another child would engage in conversation about fireman Sam| I&C 1.| Builds and constructs to represent | He built a water tower made of plastic tubes for fireman Sam| I&C 2.| Draws and colours to represent|...
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