Forever: Love and Ernesto

Topics: Love, Left-wing politics, Right-wing politics Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: October 8, 2014
I. Summary

Forever by Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero is a story about love, unfaithfulness, heartbreak, pride, regrets, pity and absolution. The story revolves within the characters of Ernesto, Maria Teresa, Ernesting, Consuelo and Oscar. The action takes place in Manila around Nine in the evening when Ernesto went back to the house of his wife Maria Teresa so they could talk and settle things that is left in the past. Ernesto pleaded for forgiveness, and a second chance to settle things right and to be recognized by his son Ernesting which he left 8 long years ago when he was caught having an affair with other woman and told to leave the house and to never come back by Maria Teresa. Despite the persistence of Ernesto for having a last chance to Maria Teresa he wasn’t given any right to have. And he also failed to be recognized by his own son. That concluded him that it is best to leave his family and just leave it uncomplicated for not being involved and stayed dead as his son known for years. II. Plot Development

The story I read will fall in the man-in-hole type of Plot Development. In this story, the Protagonist which is Ernesto is in serious trouble with his personal life and the mistakes he made years ago. He then gave up his family for something that he thought can’t be resolved that causes misunderstanding and the only thing left for Ernesto is his pride as a man. He was in a disastrous moment of weakness when he chose to live with another woman that led him to abandon his wife Maria Teresa and son Ernesting, he wasn’t able to escape the situation where he made himself, the other woman, and his family suffer. There was an abrupt change in his life as a husband and a father. What happened to the other woman was unexplainable and somehow looks like fate led Ernesto and Maria Teresa should end up to. Ernesto tried to fix the relationship with his family, but Maria Teresa refuses to get hurt again by believing in Ernesto’s unsure promises. III. Setting...
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