Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, New Deal, World War II Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Franklin D. Roosevelt Research Paper

Franklin Delano Roosevelt redefined the powers of the government in the American people’s lives through his New Deal social programs and reforms during the Great Depression, also his role during World War II established the United States' leadership on the world stage. His three (and a quarter) terms in the White House set an example for the expansion of presidential power for generations to come and rendered him to become one of the most influential leaders in American History. He was born in Hyde Park, New York on January 30th, 1882 – only child to James Roosevelt and Sara Delano-Roosevelt. Franklin was raised in a life of privilege. He had private tutors and attended Groton, a highly prestigious preparatory school in his youth. Then he went on to attend two of the best universities in the world. He received his BA in History from Harvard after only three years, and then went on to Columbia to study law. He did pass the bar exam but did not receive a degree. For several years afterwards, he worked as a clerk in a prominent Wall Street firm, but found law practice to be boring, so he decided that perhaps politics would be a better fit for him. He first ran for New York state senate in 1910 as a Democrat, and won despite running in a traditionally Republican district. During the 1912 Democratic National Convention, Roosevelt supported Woodrow Wilson and in return was made Assistant Secretary of the Navy the following year, a position which would prepare him for his future role of Commander-in-chief during World War 2. His efficacy and popularity as an administrator would result in his being nominated for vice-president by the Democratic Party in 1920, a running-mate to James M. Cox of Ohio. Despite their very energetic campaigning, Republican opponent Warren G. Harding and running-mate Calvin Coolidge won the general election, most likely due to at-the-time Democratic president Wilson’s unpopular plan for the...

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