Fred Hollows

Topics: Ophthalmology, New South Wales, Cataract surgery Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Frederick “Fred” Cossom Hollows was a humanitarian and an ophthalmologist. He was born on 9 April 1929, in Dunedin, in New Zealand. In 1965, when he worked in Australia at The Prince of Wales Hospital he did the first successful cataract operation in the world. After this operation he became famous. From 1965-1992, Fred was Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In 1981, he won the Advance Australia award of Aboriginal eye care. In 1985, he was a member at The World Health Organisation. In 1990, he received a Human Rights Medal. In 1992, in Vietnam he made a lot of free cataract operations for the poor people. In addition, he taught the cataract surgeries there how can make successful cataract operations. Unfortunately, he died in 1993, at the age of 63 because he had been cancer for six years.

I have written about Dr. Fred Hollows because he had a great story in his early life and in his work. Dr. Fred is a famous man because he had many achievements in his life. Also, he is very known by his charitable acts and his generous donations to needy people around the world. He has greatly influenced society. He represented the perfect person through provided a lot of free operations to needy patients. Similarly, he has different studies and research in ophthalmology. Although he did not stop help the poor people and patients. Also, he was interested in eye diseases because eye diseases are almost among poor environments.

Finally, Dr. Fred improved the lives of many people in the world especially in Vietnam and Aboriginal people in Australia. Also, he studied several times on eye problems until he could find a solution to these problems. After that, he worked as a member of different charities in Australia. While Fred was working at the Prince of Wales Hospital, he set up a small eye unit to treat patients. Also, in this unit Fred achieved the first cataract operation. Similarly, the first successful cataract...
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