Friends; The Best Television Series Ever

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Friends: The Best Television Series Ever
The American sitcom Friends is without a doubt the best television series ever produced due to the unique characters, clever humor and wide audience range. The series premiered in 1994, and lasted ten seasons before its finale in 2004. The show follows six best friends living in New York City, as they struggle through life as young adults. Each character offers a very distinct and contrasting personality, allowing for endless scenarios, making each episode just as good as the last. The show’s brilliant screenwriters incorporated unexpected humor into every scene, using both long-standing jokes and new material. The show also appealed to a wide range of viewers, as the characters’ daily struggles are relatable to the lives of many. There are numerous reasons why this hilarious series has become a timeless sitcom that is still celebrated twenty years after its conception.

One of the major aspects of Friends that sets it apart from other television shows is that it is does not have one main character, but instead equally focuses on six main characters. Each character’s individual quirks and personality allow them to equally contribute to the dynamics of their friendship. The characters were each given enough space to grow in their own way, without overshadowing any of the other characters. The viewer cannot help but feel attached to each of the characters as they embark on their journey through life.

Another reason why Friends is arguably the best television series ever is the hilarious content that the show offers in each of its episodes. The witty screenwriters created a variety humor in each scene, ranging from sarcasm and practical jokes to the unexpected comedy they found in normally mundane activities. Many of the best moments in the show involve very crazy and creative events, such as the scene where Joey gets a turkey stuck on his head. There was never a dull moment throughout the entirety of the series, as...
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