Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Learning Pages: 4 (1274 words) Published: February 25, 2015
The Importance Of Play In Childhood

Raymond Bynoe
FOUN1001: English for Academic Purposes
Ms. Sherry-Ann Asgill
6th December, 2012

According to Garvey, play is a necessity to life. She stated that play was any type of behavior that one can practice without having to think about consequences. She contends that play is simply absorbing various activities and participating with enthusiasm. Play is the building blocks and the most important part of any child’s life. Play at childhood is very important. It plays a key role in a child’s learning processes and their development. Garvey (1977) stated that play was extremely important in childhood because it is a common thing. Children learn knowledge of self, non verbal and verbal communication and they begin to receive an understanding of the physical and social worlds due to play. From an early stage children learn to speak. They then use language to interact with each other socially, this leads to responses which come in a form of emotions then physical play and creative play. These various types of behaviors play a vital role in childhood cognitive development. Within this essay, the importance of play through the forms of social development, emotional development, physical development and creative development will be discussed. During play in early childhood, children learn the art of interacting with each other. Not only do they interact with their peers, but also adults. Adults play a key role in children’s social development. In many cases, these adults are the parents, family members or teachers of these children’s life. Children tend to act out many of the roles of the peers they come into contact with within the home, school and community. Garvey (1977) stated that teachers play a vital role in children’s lives. She stated that teachers needed to have five necessary characteristics if they are to be successful role models for children. These characteristics were described as,...
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