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Topics: Rooms, Kindergarten, Classroom Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Chapin 1
Professor Rice
ENG 111
28 February 2013
Something Special Learning Center
There are several criteria that come to my mind when thinking of choosing a daycare provider. After all, I am trusting someone else to care for my children while I am working or in school. I want to be able to feel comfortable that they are getting the best possible care while I am away. Cleanliness, I think is number one. Knowledgeable, caring staff, hours of operation and location are also very important things to think about. Based upon my criteria, Something Special Learning Center overall is an outstanding daycare provider. Something Special Learning Center is a daycare provider located in Findlay, Ohio. They offer care at two other locations as well, one in Waterville, Ohio and the other in Swanton, Ohio. I have only ever been to the one here in Findlay. Something Special accepts children ages six weeks through twelve years. The children are then divided into classrooms to fit their appropriate age groups. And there are about six classrooms with roughly two teachers per classroom. They offer pre-school and kindergarten readiness programs for children that are not in school. Something Special also offers an after school program for children who are in school.

One of the first aspects I noticed when I first arrived at the center was the tidy appearance. Cleanliness is very important considering this is where my children will be spending a great deal of time during the day. Right inside the front door is a large common area. This room has a large dress up area with dress up clothes not just for girls but boys as well. It also has a light table for building with special blocks and bookshelves designed with a little Chapin 2

comfy area for reading. Everything in that room is always clean and organized and looks very open and inviting. To the left of the common area is a hallway where most of the classrooms are located. And to the...
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