Functional Areas Of A Business

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Functional Areas Of a Business
MGT/521 Harold Stinson
By: Stanley Williamson

In this paper we are going to be reviewing the functional areas of a business the functional areas of a business make up the structure of a business by creating departments and assigning responsibilities among the employees of that organization. What a functional organization does is groups employees based on skills expertise and experience in order to lead the organization to greater efficiency to reach and achieve a greater goal. In this paper we are going to be looking at all of the functional areas of a business, the first functional area we are going to research is management.

Management is the practice of overseeing and coordinating the work of others so that the companies goals can be accomplished. The way managers do this is by effectively using an organizations most important resource which is employees. In order to ensure this is accomplished managers assign task and activities to make that are required of the employees and oversee that the task are completed and that the organization is that mach closer to reaching the goals that have been set before them. Managers have a very important job and they are the driving force within an organization because they are on the front lines in terms of dealing with customers, and employees which are the backbones of any business.

The next Functional area of business is Business Law is the study of the legal aspects of a business that effect companies and small firms. business law also help managers safeguard the organizationals intellectual properties it helps managers comply with the local state and federal laws and ensures that the business is legally sound, it helps protect itself against any legal problems that may arise. For Instance in China according to (1988, Apr 01. Star Tribune) -China proposes new laws giving business managers more freedom. "The government Thursday...

References: China proposes laws giving business, managers more freedom. (1988, Apr 01). Star Tribune Retrieved from
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