Gay Rights

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Heterosexism Pages: 5 (2016 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Gay Rights
The battle for gay rights is the number one most arguable topic in America today. Dating back to 1924 when the first known gay rights organization, The Society for Human Rights was formed in Chicago (“The American’s Gay Rights Movement: Timeline”); it is evident that this battle has been long and seemingly endless, with only small amounts of beneficial outcomes. Yet as the newer ages approach it becomes evident that there is a change happening. The country is growing and beginning to accept same-sex relationships and give rights to the couple of a single gender. Yet the struggle that lies before the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people, also known as LGBT, is the acceptance in all of society today.

The gay community has fallen in society as a lower respected group. Looked down upon for being different and making many heterosexual often “disgusted” by the homosexual lifestyle. Gays are now adding to the growing list of people who were looked down in America for being different from society, and now they are finally standing up for themselves. Before the fight for gay rights it was the fight for African-American civil rights, and before that the Women’s Rights movement. This social inequality against homosexuality is very evident from the most obvious issue at hand, gay marriage. Many look down upon same sex marriage, for the unethical idea that marriage is for two people of opposite genders, too be able to successfully raise a child because gay partners are incapable of producing a child. Yet the argument comes in when whether a gay couple could successfully raise a child, who was adopted or artificially inseminated, and have successful working family. “The proclivity to raise children is neither automatic among mixed-gender couples nor off-limits to same-sex couples. The 2000 U.S. Census showed that in California, half of married couples and one-third of gay couples are raising children. (The latter figure is 28% if limited to one's "own" children — a census term that includes biological, step and adopted children — but climbs to 32% when unrelated children, such as foster kids, are included.) More than 70,000 children in California are being raised by gay couples.” (Sears). Too people this is morally wrong that two people of the same sex could possibly be raising this child and that the child be in a stable house. However if millions of children are being raised by gay couples, and it is beyond infrequent that a case is ever heard that a child is having psychological issues or any other problems, then where does the whole the disagreement come in that these couples not be allowed to wed, or be able to raise a family? This goes along with ethnocentrism, which is believing your culture is superior and then judging people off your own. If you were brought up to believe that straight, hetero relationships were the only to be accepted then you are bound to group and continue that belief then begin to base and judge those that aren’t straight off your own sexual orientation. For example, if a child is brought up in a house that accepts gays, and even took in a friend who was kicked out of his family after he or she came out. And that young child grew up with someone, basically part of his family, who was gay and it was shown to never look down on someone because of their sexual orientation. Then when the child is older, he will most likely believe that because that family friend is part of his culture. He will not look down upon him. Yet if a child is brought up in a family, whose parents hated homosexuality and used such derogatory words as “fag” and “dyke”. When that child grows up he will have that equal hate and judgment toward gays because he is uncomfortable around someone that wasn’t originally from his culture background. If gays aren’t accepted in our society then as a united country we will slowly being to tear down any equality we already had.

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