General Education

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General Education Is Worth It
General education is one of the most important things to gain. Why is that? Well let me explain. If you can name one aspect of your life that you do not use the general knowledge of Math, Science, Humanities, History, and Social skills then I am completely wrong and you can stop reading. Just think about this for a second. Life is general education, and when you spend effort in school to learn these things then you will see the value of it. The most basic skills are taught in general education and without them you will not go very far in the real world. And most importantly general education is to prepare us to survive.

It is very important to put forth time in general education courses so that the skill sets learned can be applied to any major you chose to go with. General history teaches us that we are all connected one way or another. And if you don’t know that then you will not understand everyone around you. It ties in with social skills as well. Taking time to learn how to understand the complex relationships between humans in a humanities class. If there are no social skills where will you work, and how will you communicate with people? It takes lots of time and effort to understand humanity/culture and the essentials of society. Not only is it important to learn how to communicate verbally but it is also important to learn how to communicate literally which is the main aspect of general education. Keep in mind that presentation and speech is everything and you will need to learn the right way to do these things. The answer is general education.

Think of humanities as a window into society. You wouldn’t see things that way unless you were educated and your mind was opened up to think that way. Arts play a role in showing what the world could be and what it was. It takes that general education to be able to see things differently and imagine. General education is about learning how to, well, think and...
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