Giving A Speech

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Giving a Speech

I knew this day would come sooner or later. A month ago I saw the nicely printed black letters that spelled “Speech” on my class schedule and a feeling of anxiety overcame me. My stomach felt as if I ate some bad leftovers and my heart was ready to come out of my chest or mouth whichever came first. I certainly thought I had enough time to mentally prepare; but here I ‘am wishing I were the invisible woman. I stood on line behind two other students who were also picking up class text books. I watched as they eagerly handed over their schedules and exited the line with their required readings. Next it was my turn. I gave the young librarian my schedule. The flower print on her flowy green dress made me think of a country meadow. A blank expression swallowed my face and I asked myself, why can’t life have a fast forward button? In the midst of this brief escape from reality I subconsciously laid my palm flat in front of me. I was waiting for this magic button to fall from the cloudless blue sky then I was unexpectly awaken by the sight of a yellow textbook placed on my hand. A sense of embarrassment colored my face red. I thanked the young lady and swiftly left. I made my way to the school break-room area. The sight of vending machines containing salty snacks and sugary carbonated drinks usually makes me feel better but not today. The smell of coffee fills the air I spot a deserted table and sit as my countdown to Speech class begins. With every minute that passes my heart rate increases. Random thoughts and questions come to mind. Will I have to give a speech the first day? What will I talk about? I was so preoccupied with thinking about what could go wrong that I didn’t realize Sandy was trying to get my attention. I met Sandy at a previous Algebra class and we quickly became good friends. She sat next to me and I instantly got happy when she told me she will also be attending speech. As quickly...
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