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Glen Pfab

Mr. Johnson
Biography I was born in Chicago June 15 1960. I was never successful in a class room environment. Actually graduated 8th grade in the office a few months after the prom. Never attempted to attend classes at Roosevelt High School because I discovered other things that at the time were more important. Of course I was thirteen years old, and my judgment as well as reasoning were not always that mature. Later I would discover that school was not as bad as I always believed after going back to get my GED. I met a whole different type of people as well as seen a new horizon before me that was fascinating. Always being curious as well as very interested in all the people that share this world as well as history. I embarked on a journey that now has me attending your class. Reflecting on my lack of success as well as rebellion in school, I think this same curiosity may have at times made me question everything around me. Of course that never bode well for most interactions with teachers as well as even other students .Authority figures strive for compliance. I of course was not a student that fit into to the environment where strict adherence to school room structured behavior mores etiquette. Again this fault later I knew was a benefit in disguise. I was always on the edge or fringe of society. That also gave me a true sense and understanding of different people that most would just class as degenerate. Every side has different angles as well as perspective vantage points. Some points hurt. This has become one of my greatest undertakings ever. I have dealt with all types of people from all extremes. This also has gave me a different understanding of people. It’s not always as conflicting as manipulated by the monopolized mass media to be as black or white. There are so many differencing shades of grey. Also I...
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