Glued to the Set

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Glued to the Set: The Sixties Television Shows and Events that made us who we are today

During the nineteen-sixties there was a lot of change going on. There was a social revolution witch brought change to the rights to people like woman, African Americans, and other minorities. There was the “hippy movement” witch brought change to how the average adolescent thought and acted. And there was a major cultural revolution, including different clothing styles and a new kind of music. But there’s one major change that occurred in the sixties, that power all of these movements and is usually overlooked. That is, of course the television revolution. In the book Glued to the Set the author, Steven D. Stark, talks about the importance of the television and its roles in American development over the past seventy years, putting specific emphasis on the sixties. Throughout this paper I will discuss the topics addressed in the book, why the TV was so important, and my thoughts on the book and why I chose it. The book starts of discussing the first TV shows of the forties.

In the forties television was a rarity, most people did not have one and thee where very few programs on it (T.V. in the forties). During this time most people had radio’s, if they wanted to be up to date on the most current news, or be just entertained they usually got it from radios (T.V. in the forties). This is most likely why the first TV show to ever become popular was “Meet the Press”. The author, Steven D. Stark talks about how the reason “Meet the Press” was so popular was because the show was basically used a radio broadcast with pictures. The other show that the author believes is a staple in 40’s TV is the show “Howdy Doody”. “Howdy Doody”, a children’s show is believed to have given birth to the counter culture movement (Encyclopedia of the Sixties). Essential it was the first show that parents hated and children worshiped.

By the nineteen-fifties the television had...

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