Good Behavior Game Group Contingency

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Good behavior Game/ Group Contingency Behavior Management Description :
A group oriented contingency is one in which a specific behavior or behaviors are expected of a group of students. There is a loss of a reinforcer based on the performance of an individual in the group. This capitalizes on the influence of peers rather than the teacher. Peers are the driven factor to the outcome of the Good Behavior Game. It requires students to manage their own and other team mate’s behavior. Current research:

Research of the Good Behavior Game is overwhelmingly supportive as a means of reducing disruptive behavior of students. It has been found to be a mediating factor in reducing teacher’s ratings over time of aggressive and social isolation behaviors of students. When to be used and not used:

The game should be used when there are several undesirable behaviors displayed by more than one student in the classroom setting. A willing participation from all students promotes the success of this behavior management tool. The game does not work well when there are several students who do not care to participate in the game and create an increased disruption in the classroom.

Step by step:
Introduce the game to students; inform them that the game would be played during a specific time such as math. Divide the class into two groups. When a team won the game they would receive a privilege. Students would help in creating the rules and identify the behavior that would earn those points, such as not yelling out answers, or raising hands to answer questions or staying seated during class time. For each correct behavior the team would earn a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game earns a privilege. Have students identify what privilege would be earned for winning the game.

Even though the game is monitored by the students it is important that the teacher oversee the point system and proper privilege award. Some students may choose not to...
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