Grandparents: United States and State Troopers

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dkCasey Waddell
Two Officers

If it weren’t for Officer Joe Waddell and Officer Mary Waddell, I wouldn’t have the career goal I have set in mind today. In fact, I would have to say they influenced my interest in the criminal justice system altogether. Once I became interested in the criminal justice system, I began looking at all the different career options in the field. My grandparents from my father’s side are Joe and Mary Waddell, and they were Florida State Troopers. My grandfather passed away a few years ago, although, my grandmother is still alive. I speak to her regularly over the phone about how my courses are going at Massasoit Community College. Even though I know she’s happy for me, I feel as though her voice has a hint of sadness to it. As I listen to her, she starts to talk about grandpa; however, the subject always makes a bittersweet feeling in the pit of my stomach.

On a hot and muggy morning day, my brother and I decide to go outside of my grandfather’s house into the backyard. Once we open the door, we see to our attention, a mass amount of deer just sitting around in the backyard. We decide not to move and sit down to watch. My father and grandfather came out quietly to see what we were looking at, but once they got out on the porch they’re eyes widened. My grandfather’s backyard had turned into a hangout spot for deer’s to cool off on a muggy day. This particular day was a hot day, but a cool one as well, because we all sat under a horizon of trees that shaded us from missing this rare moment. A moment where there was complete silence, yet so many words were said. As I sat next to my grandfather I looked up at his classic metal tinted aviators. Usually he wore the mirrorshades that a lot of cops wear, but today he wore the ones with dark lenses on it instead of a reflective mirror. Whenever I saw my grandfather with the mirrorshades I could never tell his expression. I can tell people’s expression not by their mouth or face, but by...
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