Hacker and Computer Crime

Topics: Denial-of-service attack, Computer, World Wide Web Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: September 29, 2011
A hacker is individual who intends to gain unauthorized access to a computer system. Within the hacking community, the term cracker is typically used to denote a hacker with criminal intent, although in the public press, the term hacker and crackers gain unauthorized access by finding weakness in the security protection employed by Web site and computer system, often talking advantage of various features of the Internet that make it an open system that easy to use. Hacker activities have broadened beyond mere system intrusion to include theft of goods and information, as well as system damage and cybervandalism, the international disruption, defacement, or even destruction of a Web site or corporate information system. For example, cybervandals have turned many of the MySpace “group” sites, which are dedicated to interests such as home beer brewing of animal welfare, into cyber-graffiti walls, filled with offensive comments and photographs. Spoofing and sniffing

Hacker attempting to hide their true identities often spoof, or misrepresent, themselves by using fake email address or masquerading as some else. Spoofing also may involve redirecting a Web link to an address different from the intended one, with the site masquerading as the intended destination. For example, if hacker redirect customers to a fake Web site that looks almost exactly like the true site, they can then collect and process orders, effectively stealing business as well as sensitive customers information from the true site. We provide more detail on other forms of spoofing in our discussion of computer crime. A sniffer is a type of eavesdropping program that monitors information travelling over a network. When used legitimately, sniffers help identify potential network trouble spots or criminal activity on networks, but when used for criminal purpose, they can be damaging and very difficult to detect. Sniffers enable hackers to steal proprietary information from...
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