Hca220 Organizational Paper

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HCA/220 WEEK 2


The human body can be studied in different ways. Each way studies the body in a different approach and also from different points of view. This particular approach provides information by dividing in organizing the body. There are seven organizational approaches which are used to study the human body and their systems. Body planes and body directions: when the body is in an anatomical position the body can be studied by dividing it into planes. Body planes are in imaginary line that divides the body into two parts. The coronal and frontal plane, the sagittal and transverse plane are the main body planes. These specific planes divide the body into sections from front to back, right and left and top to bottom. A body direction is movement away from or torts the planes. Body cavities: the body cavity approach is the study of the body cavities and the organs within them. Body cavities are a hollow space and can be studied by its surrounding muscles and bones. There are five body cavities: 1) Cranial cavity-consists of the brain and cranial nerves. 2) Spinal cavity –consists of the spinal and the spinal nerves. 3) Thoracic cavity-contains the lungs.

4) Abdominal cavity-within the abdomen; surrounded by muscles. 5) Pelvic cavity-continuation of the abdomen cavity; surrounded by pelvic and hip bones. Quadrants and regions: are used to study the human body. The abdominal pelvic area can be divided into four quadrants and nine regions. These quadrants include, left upper quadrant (LUQ), right upper quadrant (RUQ), left lower quadrant (LLQ), and though rights lower quadrant (RLQ). The nine regions are: 1) Right hypochondriac

2) Left hypochondriac
3) Epigastria
4) Right lumbar
5) Left lumbar
6) Umbilical
7) Right iliac
8) Left iliac
9) Hypo gastric
This is a good approach to use when conducting a physical...
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