Health and Social Care

Topics: Developmental psychology, Gerontology, Infant Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: June 21, 2013
LIFE STAGES 0-3 infancy

Physical development| From birth 0-3 months start moving his legs and neck and start moving his arms forward to his chest when he lying down, at age 3-6 try to lift his head up and more movement and gaining his Wight, baby at this age start to set and controlling himself, at the age of 6-12 baby start to stand up and some baby walk, at the age 12-36 baby start walk without problem and jump when and using his hand and eat with his own hands.| Intellectual development| Infancy can count to 20 they know ABC and they watch TV and ask to go out, begin to pretend by acting out familiar activities. Responding, and making some kind of sound understands by people around him and copy mum and dads words.| Social development| From the birth infant knows people around him by how they treat him and infant making relationship between him and his parent ,by age six laughing him and laugh his mother when she changing his nappies, the baby is discovering he is satisfied with relationship with the people around him by how the people around him behaviour.| Emotional development| Emotional development of the baby can find it when giving him a hug or kissing and help him to understanding people around him giving him a love and listening to him and provide his needs build trust between you and him.| | |

Age 4-10

Physical development| At the stage the child can dress himself rid tricycle and clean his hands and the baby teeth begin failing out and start making permanent room to his adult teeth to come out, and baby start his skill to show up for example loving playing football or swimming.| Intellectual development| At this stage of age baby start going to the school and learning and reading and understanding words and asking lot of questions and like to understand everything and keep asking and try to make dream of...
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