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We are all born almost the same. We have the same height and weight, at about the same time begin to walk and talk. But someone grows AN Einstein, and some waste their lives in oblivion. Of course, WE talk about a role played by genetics and abilities. But even the most ordinary child can achieve much more if properly nurtured, carefully and lovingly referED to. And even if he is not going to be a genius, it is his advantage. As you can imagine, it would not work without the participation and self-sacrifice, therefore, you should try to do your best to pay as much attention to your baby as possible. Слайд №2

When a child is quite small, he is particularly vulnerable and susceptible to the outside world. At this time, he should be paid the greatest amount of time than in the rest of his life. For the twelve months of his life the child's weight triples, height increases by 25 cm. The weight of a year-old child is about 10-11 kg and his height is about 75-77 cm. These figures ​​depend on the way the height and weight of the child at birth, and also on his physical development in the first 12 months of life. To calculate the amount of the baby teeth, from his age (months) minus 4, by the end of the first year of life the child must have 8. However, someone may get the first tooth at 12 months, as it mainly depends on heredity. Слайд №3

The development of a year-old child continues to gain momentum: it seems that baby WHO HAS just learned to walk, and already can combine this action with the pushing, carrying toys, slopes, and conversation. This ability competes with the ability to walk, as both speech and walking are very important for the baby at this age. By the end of the first year there is a huge number of skills in the child's piggy bank that he can surprise others. If a tooddle (ребенок) walks normally, let him feel different surfaces WITH legs, allowing him to walk barefoot on the carpet, tile, sand, grass. To develop the ability to concentrate, let your child pour the liquid from one container to another using a spoon as often as possible. Playing with your baby, remember that now all of their successes and achievements, he can show only because of your care and attention to it in the first 12 months of life, so do not stop there, there’s still so much to learn. Слайд №4

The child remembers the games that he liked, and after some time, you may request to repeat the game. However, it is still very difficult to understand a baby. There are from 8 to 10 words in the active vocabulary of baby, if parents have enough time to develop THEIR child. And in the second year of life first proposals appear, THEY consist maximum OF two words, such as "Give me", AND ARE guided by the objects and gestures. Also, the child is able to relate the object and effect: seeing the iron, he realizes that they need to stroke, and need to eat with a spoon.

The development of the child at 1 year suggests that it should clearly distinguish between the words "may" and "no", the number of taboos AT this age can REACH 5. Слайд №5
The two-year baby - it is a continuous bundle of energy that is everywhere at once. Everything that happens around a baby is so interesting that it is rather difficult to follow him. A child is able to run fast, climb and jump high. Kid cannot be surprised BY A slide on the playground, rather, he will pay attention to the stairs. Morning exercises must be in child's daily routine. Do not forget about hardening: bathing the child in warm water, pouring water one degree cooler and air baths - is all that is needed at this age. Слайд №6

AT THE AGE OF 2 a child easILY distinguishES between objects of similar color. This skill can be actively used in a variety of developing games. In games, you can see more and more that the child AT 2 can play alone for a few minutes. This is a great work-out, give your child that he is interested IN, for example, clay, pencils or paints. Two years - is the beginning of...
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