Topics: Good and evil, Acts of the Apostles, English-language films Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Describe the qualities of human goodness that you feel are evident in these accounts Read Galatians 5:22-23. Compare the qualities that Paul described with those you have written about in question 2. Think back over the past week. Divide a page in your RE book into seven boxes, one for each day (or develop your own visual format). List the acts of goodness that you have experienced personally or observed in others during each day. Don’t overlook the small things – the person who stopped and said ‘hello’ between classes. The quiet thanks you received for doing something to help at home. ‘Human beings are very good at highlighting the negatives and missing the goodness as it passes their way.’ Based on the reflection of your week develop a response to this statement. List the action and reactions of the villain (or villains) and hero (or heroes) in this film. Use a written diagrammatic form that helps your understanding. When you have completed this go back and place a tick next to those actions that you believe are essentially good and a cross next to the actions you believe are essentially evil. NB ignore the film context and examine each of these as if they are independent acts. In small groups share your analysis of your chosen films and then discuss the following points: (a) If the vil is an absence or distortion of good, are our film heroes always good. (b) Are the villains always beyond saving?

(c) Compare the actions and the ecents of the ‘real world’ with the Hollywood images. (d) ‘good and evil is not simply black and white’ comment on this statement in light of your work on film villains and heroes.. In groups use the following questions as a guide to discussing the media’s role in shaping public opinion 1. What criteria
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