High School Observation Paper

Topics: Education, Teacher, Classroom Pages: 4 (1647 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Round Rock High School
Observation Paper
By Paul Miranda

Round Rock High School…
A school that has history, this school was established in 1867 and went public in 1888. Looking at RRHS when you first pull up seems like a descent size school with a modest old look. When you drive around the school it is expanded out much like a junior college and has a college feeling. There are 11 buildings on this campus not including their football field, track, marching band pad, baseball field and the amount of parking for both students and staff. Parking is amazing at this school. Plenty of parking for staff and faculty in front of the main building as well as plenty in the back of the building. Student parking is separated from the staff and faculty parking and plenty of it to go around for the students. All parking lots are nicely paved, with proper markings for all cars to park in with no confusion. Neighborhood around the school is a safe environment, no 2nd or 3rd tier living conditions around this school. Sanitation around the school is well kept and no loitering of strangers around the school. Security precautions are pretty normal throughout the school, teachers keeping eyes on the hallways, local police car parked in staff parking lot. However there was no sign of any Police officers on campus. There are security cameras mounted on top of the buildings leading in and out of each building. Outside of new buildings on this campus are all surrounded by windows so it’s pretty easy to see who is coming and going. The vegetation around the school is very lush green and lots of it in every open area there is available. Inside the main campus there is even a patch of green grass in the middle for students to sit on and study if so desire. As for students most students dress pretty casually and up to style, not so much of the sagging pants or hiked up skirts. Pretty decently respectful clothing, however there are a few students that are a little...
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