Holistic Development

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Holistic Development
The First Month
Physical Development
The baby lies on their back.
Head will turn towards light and noise.
Hands are closed tightly.
Gazes attentively at face, particular when being fed or talked to. Intellectual Development
From begging babies feel pain?
The baby’s face, abdomen, hands and the soles of their feet are also very sensitive to touch. The Baby gives a ‘startle’ response if they are move suddenly. Sound:
Even a newborn baby will turn to a sound. The baby might become still and listen to a low sound, or a quicken their movements when they hear a sound The Baby often stops crying and starts listening to a humans voice by two weeks of age. Taste:

The Baby likes sweet tastes (e.g. breast milk).
The baby turns to smell of the breast.
The baby can focus on objects 20cm away (a few inches).
The baby likes to look at a humans face (eye contact).
The baby will scan the edges of objects.
Language and Communication
The baby responds to sounds, especially familiar voices.
The baby makes eye contact.
The baby cry is to indicate needs (e.g. hungry, dirty nappy, etc). Emotional and Social Development
Totally dependent on others.
The baby uses total body movement to express pleasure at bedtime or when being fed. The baby enjoys feeding and cuddling.
One Month to Four Months
Physical Development
The baby can now turn from side to back.
The baby can lift the head briefly from the prone position
Arm and leg movement.
The baby can now lift their head and chest of bed in prone position, supported by forearms. Intellectual Development
The baby recognises differing speech sounds.
By Three Months the baby can even inmate low or high pitched sounds. The baby knows the smell of their mother from that of other mothers. Language and Communication Development
The baby recognises the carer and familiar objects.
The baby makes non-crying noises such as coo-ing and gurgling. The Baby is still distressed from sudden loud noises
Emotional and Social Development
The baby will smile and response to an adult.
The baby enjoys sucking
The baby may stop crying when they hear, see or feel their carer. The baby shows enjoyment at caring routines such as a bath time. The baby stays awake for longer period of times
Four Months to Six Months
Physical Development
The baby is beginning to use a palmer grasp and can transfer objects from hand to hand. The baby is very interested in all activity.
The baby now has head control and is beginning to sit up with support The baby rolls over from back to side and is beginning to reach for objects. Intellectual Development
By four months the baby reaches for objects, which suggest they recognise and judge the distances in relation to the side of the objects. The baby can develop favourite tastes in food and recognise differences by five months. The baby prefers complicated things to look at from five to six months and enjoys bright colours. Language and Communication Development

The baby becomes more aware of others so they communicate more and more. The baby begins to use vowels, consonants and syllable sounds (e.g. ‘ah’, ‘ee’ and ‘aw’). The baby begins to laugh and squeal with pleasure.

Emotional and Social Development
The baby shows trust and security
The baby has recognisable sleep patterns

Six Months to Nine Months
Physical Development
The baby can roll from front to back.
The baby may grasp feet and place them in their mouth.
The baby is very alert to people and objects
The baby transfers toys from one hand to the other and looks for fallen objects Intellectual Development
The baby understands signs (e.g. the bib means that food is coming). From eight to nine months the baby shows that they know objects exist when they have gone out of sight, even under test conditions. Language and Communication Development

Babble becomes tuneful like the lilt of the language the baby can gear (expect in hearing impaired...
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