Homework 1

Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: March 10, 2015
Homework 1: Developing Research Questions
1. I would like to study reality television and if it influences behavior in relationships. There are many reality dating television shows that I enjoy watching and it made me wonder if watching these television shows give me a skewed view of reality and a healthy relationship, so I would like to explore that topic. 2. Descriptive:

a. Do reality television shows influence behavior in relationships? b. Do reality dating television shows influence sexual behavior? Exploratory:
a. Does watching reality television cause an increase in sexual behavior and sexual attitude? b. Does watching reality television change one’s attitudes about relationships and sex? c. Do men and women have different views of sex and relationships from watching reality television? Explanatory:

a. Is watching reality television causing increased sexual behavior because of skewed views of reality? b. Can watching reality television cause different views of sex and relationships between men and women by the way sex is portrayed on reality shows? 3. The research question I would choose to pursue over the semester would be DO men and women have different views of sex and relationships from watching reality television? I believe that watching reality television, especially dating shows, can give people a skewed view of reality when it comes to relationships, sex, and love. If one has a skewed view of reality when it comes to love, then does that affect their attitudes toward relationships and sex? Does this change in attitude differ between men and women? I believe this is a good question to research because attitudes towards sex and relationships are changing and I want to know if it is because of the increased amount of sex on reality television. Is there a correlation between college students’ attitudes of sex and relationships and the television shows they watch recreationally? Reality television and sexual behavior are very common things,...
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