Honey Pot Hill Orchards

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Kristen Abreu
September 29, 2012
Professor Jacob
Farm Paper

Honey Pot Hill Orchards is located in Stow, Massachusetts. It was purchased by the Martin family in 1923 and they had taken over the farm and it has passed it on from generation to generation. Originally the farm was just dairy products, but Clifford Martin expanded the variety of products that they sold. They made fields of apples, pears, and peach trees. Honey Pot Hill Orchard was one of the first Orchards to allow people to go and pick their own apples. The Orchard is now run by the families’ two children, Andrew and Julie.

Honey Pot Hill Orchard will host birthday parties for children aged from 3-12 years old and also allow schools to have their field trips here to check out the orchard. They have a lot of different packages that people can pick from if they are interested in hosting a birthday party at the Orchard. They have lots of activities to keep the children occupied at the birthday parties. They have a moon bounce that they can enjoy and they also get their own private tents to enjoy spending time with their families.

When you first arrive at the Orchard your day will start off great as you come to find out that you don’t have to pay for either parking or admission. Walking onto the Orchard you get a beautiful countryside vibe to the farm. In the fall is the prettiest season to go visit this Orchard due to the fact that all the trees are changing colors and it looks beautiful, I mean if you’re into the sort of thing. There is 100 acres of land that Andrew Martin takes care of meanwhile Julie is in the store managing everything. Honey Pot Hill Orchard has a huge selection of apples that are available to pick from; Macintosh, Cortland, Empire, Red and Golden Delicious and Mutsu. People are allowed to pick apples until the 21st of October. There are also different prices you have to pay when you go apple picking. A twenty pound bag cost $24.00 and a ten pound bag...
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