Hospitality Management

Topics: Performance, Audience, Marketing Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Feedback on Mustafa’s prestantion on Hospitality management industry. Research on industry
The presenter had performed poor research is performed on the industry and no data is collected specifically for example opportunities and challenges faced by hospitality management. No analytical tools are used as well. Understanding and evaluation of industry

The presenter presented the Confused/unclear description of industry. Only Description of Aromarc Company is presented rather than the industry. The presenter did not explain how his university education will help him to fit in the chosen job. The presenter also did not describe the duties and responsibilities of Job which he is looking for in the hospitality management. Presenter’s Skills

The presenter has used Informal language at various occasions. He appears to be taking to himself and not addressing the audience and there was also lack of eye contact. He was mostly reading from the paper and there was no visual presentation Body language was not appropriate for the presentation for example hands inside the pocket. Finishing of presentation was also inappropriate; he did not welcome the questions and finish it. Documentation

Documentation was lacking the structure and also key contents of the presenting topic Recommendation
The presenter should do the detail research on the industry and should present it through PowerPoint slides. The presenter should also perform the SWOT analysis of the industry and explain how would he going to deal with it. The presentation should be performed by addressing the audience and message should be conveyed in a persuasive manner.

FEEDBACK ON Andreas presentation
Research on industry
The research on the automotive industry is not done in detail. For example lack of PEST analysis, how many companies are there in the industry, alliances of various companies, countries of car production, market leaders, etc. The presentation was lacking the visual diagrams...
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