How Are We Connected to Africa

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How Are We Connected To Africa?

The purpose of this essay is to talk about the connections between the USA and Africa... Technology: Social/Economic In the United States everyone depends on technology and money to survive. In most countries it is the same way, but in others not so much. Take the Democratic Republic of Congo for instance; they don’t have all the computers or the money to do what we are able to do. They are forced to mine for coltan, just so we are able to surf the internet, talk on the phone or text, but at their expense. Coltan miners are paid very little, they live in poverty and have very limited freedom. I think this is very bad treatment and can make the workers scared for themselves and family, but also feel very trapped for they can’t leave without being killed by the Kwanda soldiers. We should appreciate more, instead of taking it for granted, that is one way the USA is connected to Africa. Another way we are connected to Africa is through fair trade chocolate!

Fair Trade Chocolate: Economic/Environmental
Fair trade helps cocoa farmers and traders have good jobs that pay well for the farmer himself and his family, which allows them to make high-quality cocoa for the company. Fair trade provides sustainability, by protection over the price of cocoa, so that farmers never have to sell their cocoa below the price that it should be. Fair trade is very fair and allows the farmers to invest in their farms and their villages. Since 1993, cocoa farmers in Ghana switched to a corporate business called Kuapa Kokoo. Their aim was to create a farmer owned company, where cocoa farmers could work together and trade their cocoa for better prices.

Some good things about fair trade chocolate are that:
• It is an environmentally friendly processes
• It has a respectful relationship between producers and buyers • It gives a fair amount of money for the producers
• It provides a...
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